Plunge Pools

The Fresh Approach On A Timeless Classic.

An elegant, cost-effective, and easy to maintain freshwater stainless steel plunge pool. Simply place, connect, fill.

The pool shells are manufactured in Australia from high-grade corrugated 316 Stainless Steel. No internal vinyl liner or coating is required. The freshwater, energy-efficient equipment kit is delivered with the pool fully assembled, ready to connect and fill.

Once full, the beautiful water is an inviting crystal blue colour reflecting off the classic silver stainless steel.

Why choose a Bass Coast Plunge Pool?

What sets us apart from traditional pools? You’ll see.

Australian Made

We pride ourselves on being Australian Made. Not only do we employ a team of local crafts people, but also it allows us to provide faster delivery than a traditional pool. From order to installation can take as little as 3 weeks.

Long Lasting

Stainless steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes due to its properties as a long-lasting building product. In fact, your pool will remain looking as good as the day it was delivered and will not fade or need resurfacing under the harsh Australian sunlight.

Fresh Water

Stainless steel has been the choice of Australia’s world-class food processing, catering and medical industries for decades. So applying this to a pool just makes sense. On top of this, we pair the pool with an energy-efficient UV filtration system making the pool fresher than freshwater.

20 Minute Install

In a lot of circumstances pulling up to your driveway to filling the pool can be as quick as 20mins. With our unique Pre-Plumbed, Fully Relocatable architecture much of the complex plumbing is completed at the factory.

100% Relocateable

Every Bass Coast pool is classified as Fully Relocatable according to the local building authorities. This means permits are simpler, and if you decide to relocate to a new home you simply unscrew the connectors, load it on the back of a trailer and away you go.

45+ Size

From a 2m by 1m high spa alternative to the 3.4m by 1.6m high plunge pool and everything in between. With 32 size combinations, you’re sure to find one to suits you.


Recent Installs

Quick selection of some of the amazing residential projects completed recently.

If you’re ready to design the pool of your dreams, looking for an estimated price or to begin the formal quoting process simply call 0414 343 104


Love some accessories to suit your landscape or lifestyle?
We’ve got you covered.


Conveniently access your plunge pool with a complimentary stainless steel pool ladder.

Available in deck mounted 2 or 3 step configuration.

Side Table

The perfect addition for your drinks and nibbles. The table simply clips on the side and can be moved to any location around the pool.

Pod Table

A light-weight free-standing central table that everyone can reach. Easily remove when not in use.

Available in 1.6m, 1.4m, 1.2m, 1.0m, and 0.8m high.

Pod Seat

A single seat for yourself, two for a couple or even four for the family it’s up to you. Easily remove when not in use.

Available in 0.3m to 1.1m high.

Spa Jets

 The spa jets uses your existing pump with a 3-Way valve redirecting water flow through 4 additional jets for a sensational massage. 

Electric Heat Pump

For consistent all-year-round heating.
Note: Our Electric Heat Pumps are ready to simply plug into the filtration system. An electrician may be required if the power supply is not adequate.