Infants | 4 months – 3 years

Parents and guardians are required in the water during the 3 infant stages. Bonding with your child in the water is such a wonderful experience. In the infant classes you will be able to help build your childs confidence in the water through fun songs, games and the use of colourful toys. You will learn how to hold your child correctly in the water, help them to float on their back, submerge underwater, and teach gripping skills. As the childs skills and confidence develops they will be able to move through the water more independently, develop kicking skills, increase their breath control and confidentially float on both their front and back.

Pre-school 3.5 -5 years

The aim of the pre-school program is to promote water confidence as an independent swimmer. The child will learn to propel themselves in a streamline position through the water over increasing distances whilst improving breath control. Freestyle arms will be introduced, floating activities and water safety skills will also be developed. The lessons are always fun and exciting which help to keep the children interested.

School Age

Our school aged program caters for all abilities from beginner to nearing squad level. The program is divided in to five levels and allow the individual swimmers optimum development with minimal disruptions and small class sizes. The children will learn to swim using correct technique in all strokes, timing of breaths and the ability to swim over long distances. Safe skills are always included in our program as well as fun games and activities.

Private Lessons

There are many different reasons why some parents choose private lessons for their child. The child may have concentration issues, learning difficulties or wanting 1 on 1 to improve stroke technique. Lessons will be developed on students abilities and they will progress along the same levels as the group lessons.

Cost is $78 per session